Barrier Breakthrough: Elevated Mission of #BEACTIVE DAY 2024

EuropeActive, together with its national associations, kicked off the #BEACTIVE DAY 2024 campaign and set the stage for an impactful fitness and physical activity contribution to the Commission’s European Week of Sport (EWoS). The meeting focused on discussing plans and visions for the 2024 campaign, aiming to elevate its character, reach and impact.

The essence of #BEACTIVE DAY lies in cultivating capacity within the European Week of Sport framework, championing physical activity promotion through the strategic execution of #BEACTIVE DAY campaigns across EU and non-EU countries. The #BEACTIVE DAY concept has evolved into a sustainable blueprint for success, emerging as the hallmark event for the European fitness and physical activity sector. At its core, this initiative seeks to amplify the sector's pivotal role in Health-Enhancing Physical Activity (HEPA) and contribution to EWoS, driven by the overarching vision of fostering greater participation—more people, more active, more often.

The 2024 campaign focuses on empowering individuals with disabilities, perpetuating the ongoing mission of dismantling barriers hindering physical activity and healthy lifestyles. As a result, the #BEACTIVE DAY project will develop two guides—one on implementing activities for people with disabilities and another on environmentally sustainable campaign practices. The Inclusion Guide will offer insights into the 'why' and 'how' of effective inclusion strategies. This guide is instrumental in advancing the reach of EWoS and #BEACTIVE DAY campaigns, steering away from generic, one-size-fits-all approaches and embracing tailored strategies.

Beyond breaking down barriers to physical activity, #BEACTIVE DAY 2024 takes a step further, aspiring to infuse sustainability into physical activity promotion initiatives and events. The aim is to create a blueprint for environmentally conscious and sustainable practices, recognising the imperative of moving beyond conventional approaches to ensure a lasting impact on a broader social scale.

The meeting also unveiled an exciting collaboration with Morla Moves, which will undeniably bring an elevation to the #BEACTIVE DAY 2024. Morla Moves revolutionises the fitness journey by integrating Artificial Intelligence and computer vision technology, offering real-time correction during exercises as Morla Moves maps key points on people's bodies, providing instant feedback aligned with the trainer's guidance. With AI technology, it tailors a personalised digital fitness experience, tracking the progress and offering detailed statistics and analytics to measure improvements in flexibility, correct reps, and form maintenance.

As #BEACTIVE DAY 2024 gains momentum, EuropeActive and its partners are poised to make a lasting impact, promoting accessibility, inclusivity, and environmental sustainability in the realm of fitness and physical activity.


The #BEACTIVE DAY Final Conference in Brussels celebrates the success of the 2023 campaign