#BEACTIVE DAY 2023: Promoting and the fun of physical activity across Europe

On Saturday 23 September 2023 the #BEACTIVE DAY campaign swept across Europe, celebrating and promoting physical activity and healthier lifestyles among individuals of all age groups. This third edition of the annual European campaign focused on an intergenerational approach to physical activity, and thanks to the 24 countries celebrating the campaign this year, #BEACTIVE DAY is steadily generating enthusiasm for physical activity and its benefits for mental, social, and physical well-being.

Event in Brussels

One of the highlights of this year's #BEACTIVE DAY campaign was its inaugural event in Brussels. Co-organised by EuropeActive, David Lloyd Club, and Physical Coaching Academy, the event offered a unique opportunity for participants to engage in free fitness workshops led by certified trainers. Located at David Lloyd's club in Uccle, the event welcomed fitness enthusiasts, and curious first-timers, of all ages, and catered to participants’ physical activity levels and abilities.

After a dynamic warm-up session led by Les Mills's coaches Barbara Stroup and Samir Haroual, participants could choose from four engaging 40-minute workshops:

  • Cardio with Malik Akhmedov & Manzul Akhmedov
  • Strength with Loïc Van Lang & Mounji Idjouadiene
  • Mental with Helena Roosen & Kenneth Roosen
  • Recovery with Clarisse Vandendorpe & Zoé Levaux

The energy and enthusiasm of all involved was truly contagious, sparking ideas for next year’s edition!

A Europe-Wide Movement

Beyond Brussels, #BEACTIVE DAY 2023 simultaneously rolled out across 23 other European countries, thanks to the dedication of national association partners. This collaborative effort underscores the campaign's powerful outreach and uptake, as it spreads the message of healthier lifestyles by celebrating the fun of physical activity.

The success of #BEACTIVE DAY wouldn't have been possible without the support of sponsors, partners, volunteers, and enthusiastic participants.

Looking Ahead

As the #BEACTIVE DAY campaign continues to inspire individuals to lead more active lives, campaign data and best practices are currently being compiled and will soon be published. These results will showcase the collective impact made and serve as a testament to the positive change that can be achieved when people come together. The 2023 edition of the campaign has witnessed an even greater collaborative spirit and enthusiasm making it a great success, and paving the way for 2024.

The #BEACTIVE DAY campaign is co-funded by the European Union and sponsored by FIBO and Les Mills. These partnerships reflect the commitment to promoting physical activity across the continent.

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