The sponsors behind #BEACTIVE DAY 2023

EuropeActive’s annual #BEACTIVE DAY campaign materialises thanks to the incredible commitment of national association partners and the generous support of the European Union's Erasmus + funding programme and our core Sponsors.

This year, we are excited to count on two core sponsors of the campaign: FIBO Global Fitness and Les Mills. Their generous support and ongoing devotion to our mission enable EuropeActive to produce more materials and implement new ideas for #BEACTIVE DAY.

As one of the campaign’s core sponsors, FIBO Global Fitness is the world‘s leading trade show for fitness, wellness and health. Each year in April,  FIBO connects more than 1,100 exhibitors from 50 nations and 145,000 international trade and private visitors from almost 140 nations in Cologne. EuropeActive is honoured that FIBO has supported all three editions of the #BEACTIVE DAY campaign, 2023 being no exception.

What motivates FIBO to support the #BEACTIVE DAY 2023 campaign?

Under the motto “Moving Together”, the #BEACTIVE DAY kicks off on September 23, marking the beginning of the European Week of Sports. To make our vision of a strong and healthy society a reality, we have always worked with strong partners like Europeactive. As the world's leading trade fair for fitness, wellness and health, our mission is to strengthen physical activity every day and inspire people to become more active.

The #BEACTIVE DAY Campaign precisely pursues this goal: promoting the enjoyment of movement and emphasizing the significance of exercise for the physical, mental and social well-being of individuals.

Fitness and exercise form the foundation for physical health. Therefore, it is of particular importance to raise public awareness of a healthy and active lifestyle and to demonstrate how movement can be integrated into daily routines. The lack of physical activity remains a serious issue in our society, leading to a variety of preventable health conditions. Hence, health prevention must remain at the forefront.

As supporters of the #BEACTIVE DAY Campaign, we aim to encourage people to (re)discover the joy of physical activity and maintain a healthy lifestyle. We firmly believe that movement and fitness are the keys to a healthy life. Together with the #BEACTIVE DAY Campaign, we are committed to promoting these values, elevating the significance of movement and health in the society, and inspiring more people to embrace an active lifestyle. After all, a strong and healthy society starts with each individual's decision to be active.”


At the same time, we are excited that Les Mills supports this year's campaign as the other core sponsor. Les Mills has been delivering life-changing fitness experiences for over 50 years. Nowadays, it is an international fitness brand that mixes music, motivation and movement for millions of people around the globe through its world-class fitness programs.

In addition, with their unique experience with the BORN TO MOVE programme, Les Mills contributed to the development of the Inclusion Guide, which adopts an intergenerational approach to get the youngest and oldest age groups more active, more often, and together.

Which added value does Les Mills recognise in the #BEACTIVE DAY campaign?

“At Les Mills, we're on a mission to create a fitter planet. And we believe alongside EuropeActive, that physical activity has the incredible power to unite people, and make a positive impact on our physical, mental and social well-being.

#BEACTIVE DAY is an exciting opportunity to shine a spotlight on the significant role physical activity plays throughout Europe. We want to raise awareness about its importance in helping us lead healthier lives through staying active at every age.

This year we want to support all generations moving! Our BORN TO MOVE™ programme is all about inspiring young people to fall in love with physical activity. It combines fitness and fun to help kids and teens develop positive self-awareness, confidence and coordination. The programmes allow children to experience the vitality and joy that comes from moving to music. We are offering free access to our online BORN TO MOVE platform for the month of September for all facilities to encourage children to get active with their parents and even grandparents in the lead up to and on #BEACTIVE DAY. You can read more about this in the #BEACTIVE DAY Inclusion Guide.

To support the full #BEACTIVE DAY campaign and help all generations move, Les Mills has created a marketing toolkit to take your events to the next level. We've handpicked a range of assets which can be used for all Les Mills programmes to help build the momentum and make it an event your members and prospects do not want to miss.

Join us in making a difference together, click here for more information, to claim the offer and gain access the marketing toolkit.

EuropeActive is extremely grateful for the generous support and trust of both FIBO and Les Mills. Thanks to our ongoing cooperation, we can make more people, more active, more often!

#BEACTIVE DAY 2023 is gaining momentum!